Sarge a.k.a. Victoria Pratt
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Victoria Pratt IS Sarge!
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Vicky as Cyane
Vicky Pratt`s Career
As everyone knows, Victoria Pratt is a weight lifter and a trainer, but only a few know that she is an actress too. She began her weight training career, by running as a former Canadian track and field star in her high school years. In 1990 she won a metal at the Canadian Track & Field Championship. She then progressed in weight training, physical fitness, and weight lifting. Some weight trainers like to call weight lifting, "pumping iron". Following college she decided she wanted to explore the depths of fitness. She started to write a book about bodybuilding and fitness with one of her former university professors. It was then time to have publication photos for the book, so she went to Robert Kennedy, an editor of MuscleMag. MuscleMag and Oxygen are the most popular fitness magazines, dedicated to helping people firm their bodies. She took a job with MuscleMag by posting a question/answer article, where the readers could write in questions and she would answer them. The name of the article is "Victoria`s Secrets", and it is based on the questions and answers of the readers.

Robert Kennedy advised Vicky Pratt to start acting. So she took his advice and started going to the Canadian Actors Network in Toronto. She then soon broke into the tv business by being an on-air trainer on the show, "Go For It". On the Discovery Channel, a series about caving, rafting and other non-traditional sports, was hosted by a group of adventurers and Vicky. She taught them the basic art and told them how to stretch for the long road ahead. She also co-hosted "Personal Edge", a fitness show, before landing in a knockout role as Jackie Janszik a mob boss. She then moved to a more famous show, "Xena: Warrior Princess" . She starred as the Queen of the Amazons in the two part season premiere. Cyane(Pratt) was betrayed and murdered by Xena while in her "dark age" of Xena`s past. Before Hercules was canceled Rob Tapert had to think of a dynamite idea. So, he thought of "Cleopatra 2525". "‘They kept saying they were looking for a Vicky Pratt type,' something that totally strikes me as funny. Thats a hoot! But I think that kind of role is hard to fill, because the physicality is important to this role," a quote from Victoria Pratt on her character Sarge. As a result, she is able to do most of her own fights and stunts in the show.

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